The Blog Post I have been terrified to write

I am terrified to admit what I am about to write.
 I have never wanted to look at myself in this way.
Or admit what I actually am.
Full Figured.
Big Boned.
Plus Sized.

It is so easy to lose your identity in the blogging world.
I find myself getting jealous over other blogger's bodies, wardrobe, the amount of money the spend, how many followers they have, the free things they get etc. etc. etc.
You forget what makes YOU special.

The other day I got a tweet complimenting my "full figure".
And I automatically assumed that was a put down.
Insecurity at it's finest.
When in fact the comment was supposed to be positive and encouraging. My follower even asked if I was a model. What?!?!

It got me thinking.
About so much.
I questioned how much self esteem I TRULY have.
 WHY I initially took that comment as a put down. Annnnddddd...

You see I have been looking for my niche.
What makes "Life in the Fashion Lane" special.
How I can get my blog to stand out.

I have known that the more "personal" I get, the more "ME" I show that I get more comments and followers. It is pretty well known that I struggle with my weight, that I always have and that I LOVE fashion, HIGH fashion and celebrities. I want to inspire others that you CAN look good, dress stylishly and feel good about yourself no matter WHAT size you are. And while I truly am not comfortable with my body, I am finding ways to change it and embrace it.

I am asking you to come along on this ride with me.
I am committed to changing my own outlook through the things that I love, through clothes and blogging.

I want each one of us to know how amazing we are. Always.

I am going to stop running, I am going to LOVE myself and hopefully that shows. There won't be a huge flip in what I am posting, there will just be a slight change in the way I word things.

I am excited for this venture, I love this "light bulb" that has been switched on and I hope that you all grow from it too!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm so happy to read this post. I too have those thoughts of, "ugh I am huge." or "Ew! My tighs!" and all it does is bring me down. The energy I put into hating my body just depresses me and makes me way less fun than my true self. When I put that energy into loving my body, because what's not to love, I am so much happier and feel way more confident. I think it's essential to be healthy and that means eating nourishing food and getting active but that doesn't mean "skinny". I hate that women hold themselves to these unrealistic standards. Why is only a size 0 - 4 beautiful?! I'm a 6-8 and why can't I realize that is beautiful?!
    I am right there with you girl and am happy to go on this journey with you because I need to be on it too.
    And for the record I think you are BEAUTIFUL and not for your full or not full figure, for you. Because our weight isn't who we are! AM I RIGHT?!

    p.s. this is the longest comment of all time.

  2. I love this post, I know exactly how you feel (well sort of). But it is hard to remember what makes you special sometimes...


  3. What a brave and inspirational post! Thank you for sharing this. I think all of us no matter how we are viewed by others have insecurities that are hard for us to admit. The love and support in this blogging community is amazing and we are definitely onboard with your journey!


  4. Beautiful is beautiful no matter what size, and you are truly beautiful Mandy! Despite us being different sizes, I love reading your blog and get inspirations from your fashion style and expertise. I hope this new journey gains you that self confidence that is hiding somewhere inside of you.

  5. girl, you are a true fashion inspiration no matter what size you are. You have TASTE, which is so often lacking and hard to come by, whether you're skinny, fat, green or pink!


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