What I Want Wednesday {4}

I feel like I WANT so much right now.
I have put myself on a budget. I am not making as much money and I need to kick my shopping habit.
I also just paid off the rest of my credit card debt. Holy FREEING!
My only 'debt' is my Car and Student Loans.
I am so proud of myself. :)

If I was rewarding myself I would buy...

{image via KendraScott.com}

Have you ever checked out the earrings by Kendra Scott? I have seen them on some of my favorite celebs and recently saw a review on Nicole's blog. I am trying to figure out which color to buy of the "Danielle" and "Wren" myself...

{image via Nordstrom.com}

I LOVE these wedges. I already bought them in the hair calf Leopard print. It is taking everything in my NOT to buy them in black too. These shoes are so so so versatile.

{images via justjared.com}

I am head over heels for this Blu Moon dress. I am lusting over maxi anything and Leopard print is truly my favorite! I think that Vanessa looks fantastic and I can only hope to look half as good in this dress.

{image via nordstrom.com}

I am a HUGE Winter Kate fan and this Condor blouse is begging to join the other clothes in my closet. I do not have anything in this mint color. The lace detailing is such a pretty and feminine touch.

{image via Nordstrom.com}

I just moved and am redoing everything (this is a long term project). I bought new bedding in January and I would love to pick up this blanket to throw on the end of my bad. It would compliment my new room colors. And it looks so cozy!

{image via atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com}

I am style crushing on Blair from Atlantic-Pacific BIG TIME.
She is an insane dresser and pulls off every trend and looks impeccable.
I was so tickled to see that we have many of the same bags, shoes and accessories.
She makes me want to:
  •  Jump in my closet and play dress up all day, just trying to emulate just ONE of her outfits
  •  Run to my storage RIGHT now and get all of my packed away jewelry to layer like crazy
  •  Change my handbag every. single. day
  •  Take risks, pose in front of the camera with all I've got
  •  To really lose weight. Really. For reals.

Kind of a long "WANT" list.
(I stopped myself. My real life list is L-O-N-G long!)
What can I say??? I am SO inspired!


  1. don't worry...my WANT list is verrrrry long too! =) those blue earrings are to die for...i might just have to add them to my list!

    the stylish housewife

  2. My want list is also waaaaayyyyyyy long.

  3. Ill take all of the above thanks,including Blairs closet. She is amazing.


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