Winter 30 for 30 Remix: Outfit 2 of 30

I have two days behind my belt and I am already learning so much. SCORE!
1. Not all black apparel pieces are slimming
2. I need to find someone to take my pics. OUTSIDE!
(Hey friends...this means you. Haha)
3. Practice posing in front of the mirror. Confidence is KEY!

I am not loving my second outfit.
BUT I can see what I would do differently.
Tell me what you think.

Outfit Two of Thirty

What I Wore
Top: #8 Target Pocket Tank
WOrk Bottoms: #3 Banana Republic shorts
Blazer: #2 Halogen Ponte Knit Blazer
Shoes: #2 YSL Trib Too pumps
Accessories: House of Harlow 1960 Leather Stations and Sunburst necklaces, MMK watch, Grandma's Ring (gift)

A little daring for a work outfit...shorts and sheer tights?!?
I like the concept it just didn't feel slimming nor did it photograph that way!
Third times the charm :)


  1. Looove the tights! I have been considering similar ones but am not quite brave enough...

    Stopping by from Kendi's blog - here's to a fab remix!

  2. shorts under tights is a look ive been wanting to try - i love how you put this together! very cute :)


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