I'm so behind...Eeeek!

Hey all!

Last week was cray cray! Started a new position at work, BF's birthday, Sister's baby shower and photo shoot. I will blog all of last weeks outfits into one post (I probably have to recreate them since I didn't have time to take pics. Sucks!) I'm picking up a tripod thing that can be attached to anything so I can take my own pics. Should be AMAZING! Yay. So stay tuned!

I enjoyed watching the Packers win tonight, spending time with my family this weekend and catching up with old friends. Real life trumped blog life. And that makes me happy!

Thanks for your patience.

OH and a HUGE HELLO AND WELCOME to all of the people that have stopped by from Four Flights of Fancy, Sugar and Dots and Kendi Everyday. I appreciate your emails and comments. Glad to have the opportunity to connect with some new blogger friends. Woohoo!!!

Have a GREAT week everybody! Xoxo

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  1. I can't wait to hear all about the new position and see pictures from your busy busy week!!


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