291: Tights

I am a HUGE fan of tights.
The more opaque the better.
While many style bloggers LOVE colored tights, I stick with black, dark brown and textured (usually in black. Maybe gray or beige). I do not feel comfortable in the crazy colors but I totally think they look cute on others!

Tights are a great way to dress up an outfit.
Keep you warm{er} in the winter.
And slim your areas that need it!

I saw that Jessica Simpson was wearing the Spanx lace 'bloom' tights a few days ago.
{image via justjared.com}

I bought these about a month ago and I LOVE them.
Comfy, thick and stylish.
And they are about $28 bucks.
Not bad for a control top pair!

{image via nordstrom.com}

Textured tights are a HUGE trend.
Pick up a pair HERE

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  1. Agreed! I live in tights! I too love the look of colored tights on others, but stick to the basics myself. Why mess with a good thing, right? x Ophelia


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