Winter 30 for 30 remix: Outfit 14 of 30

I need help...
I have been studying blogs and how people pose.
It does NOT come naturally to me.
I think that my lack of confidence shows. BIG TIME!
So how do you do it?

Since I am already asking for help, I have another question.
How do I overcome my fear of people thinking that I am weird for taking multiple pics of myself, posing?

I am SO proud of myself for taking on this challenge.
It is helping me accomplish my 2011 goals.
(this is where I would link that post but Blogger has been giving me problems for the last few days. Sad)
#2 To build my confidence and post more on my style
#6 To spend smarter and hopefully less


What I Wore:
Top: #5 Gap tie neck blouse
Bottom: Skirt #1 Old Navy pocket skirt
Shoes: #2 YSL Trib Too's
Sunglasses: Ray Ban over sized aviators in my new prescription. Wahoo!
Accessories: Spanx tights, MMK rose gold watch


  1. Well, I can't give you advice on posing but I would just copy your favorite fashion bloggers..like EMily from Cupcakes and Cashmere or Sydney from The Daybook.

    To you second point-- I say you just stop caring! This blog is for you and sharing YOUR inspiration so f*** what anyone else thinks. You are beautiful and stylish and you better show it off honey...so get out there a work it!

  2. I think this is my favorite outfit so far...I love that it's just classic looking and kind of romantic :) Great for the office or a fun date!

    As for posing-it comes with time...and a timer or a remote for your camera. Unless you have someone to take the pictures for you :) I like to pose in my mirror while trying to figure out what to wear. I stand in all different ways examining how my outfit will look-I know, I'm a freak LOL

  3. Who cares what anyone else thinks ya know? Pose away my friend. I don't think I pose well but I take a TON of pics so I at least find one good one (usually).


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