Winter 30 for 30 remix: Outfit 13 of 30

Looky, looky...I got a new camera.
I know it was just a battery that didn't work BUT that stinking battery cost 63 dollars. I got a camera for $100. I consider it a deal BECAUSE my camera was from 2005, when I graduated college.
SO I have an updated Canon Elph. I hopefully will get a new fancy camera in a couple months.

I was pressed for time so I used the pictures from my quick self session without much playing around!

I LOVE that Kendi posted some tips today because this is getting hard. I picked so many basics that it is hard to layer and create interesting outfits. Plain Jane. I am going to dig in and read some of my other fellow re-mixers blogs for inspiration.
Wish me luck.

Outfit 13
(I even attempted posing. Needs Work. A LOT of work)

What I Wore:
Top: #2 Tarnish V Neck tunic
Pants: Casual bottoms #1 Hue jeggings
Shoes: YSL Trib Too's worn with black socks
Belts: H&M braided skinny belts in black and cognac
Jewelry: Lagos Key necklace, Judith Jack ring, Michele 'Urban' watch


  1. pretty pretty!!! glad you got a new camera girl!

  2. SO cute!! LOve this look and YAY for a new camera. I also happen to REALLY like your glasses =)
    Amber's Notebook


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