Tuesday Travel Style {17}

Isn't it refreshing to see a celeb look 'normal'.
We know that it is nearly impossible to look like a glamazon 24/7.
When I saw this picture of Kristin I knew that she isn't the Diva that MTV makes her out to be. She is the down to earth Cali girl who knows what California Casual means.

From the Hoody to the Flip Flops she is so comfy looking.
As someone who used to travel frequently I LOVE that she is carrying her hat. It is nearly impossible to place a hat into your suitcase and not have it mis shapen, you have to carry it. I also loved that her neck pillow is attached to her carry on. She knows how to travel! And looks cute doing it.

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

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  1. She's looks very comfy! I find it totally disturbing when celebs are photographed in sky high heels and mini skirts or whathaveyou when they are at the airport. I mean really, is that comfortable?!


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