Winter 30 for 30 remix: Outfit 12 of 30

It has been rainy in So Cal.
I do not know how to dress for that kind of weather. I am just ot used to it.
I happened to be off from work and had some un-fun things to do.

I decided that casual was the way to go.

Outfit #12

I didn't take my jacket off ALL day. Haha.
It is SO TRUE that a trench can make any outfit chic.

What I Wore:

Top: Black tank (unseen since I do not wear them alone)
Jacket: Outerwear is NOT included in the 30 items. London Fog trench
Bottoms: Casual bottoms #4 Gap Flare jeans
Shoes: #1 Gap city flats
Accessory: H&M leopard scarf

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  1. The pop of leopard really pulls this outfit together!


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