What I Want Wednesday {2}

This week I haven't had much time to browse the web and since I am not shopping I only have a few 'wants' this week.

Having theses things would make me so happy :)

{image via seaofshoes.com}

I want Jane's style
(and hair color, shoe wardrobe and photographer)
I think that she is the coolest.
I died when I saw that her fur coat was designer by Bonnie Cashin. Amazing. And I have those Prada booties. So I felt a bond. Haha.

{image via jessicasimpsoncollection.com}

I love, love, love this shoe.
It is currently sold out in yellow. And red.
But I want it. And I am sad that I am not shopping and couldn't get it in time.
Hopefully there is a re-order...

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

I am loving Lauren's new line, Paper Crown.
This entire outfit is SO me.
The blazer and booties are perfection.
The camel color is neutral enough to go with everything yet stands out.

{image via Metropolitan Home}

I am so excited to start making my new place a home.
I would give anything to have a vanity like this one.
I am a HUGE black and white fan.
I L-O-V-E the back splash and think that the mirror is amazing.
Can someone do this for me?

What do you want this week?

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  1. I want so many things this week I don't even know where to begin. Mostly I want it to be over haha. I love those yellow shoes, love black and white decor and love Paper Crown. Happy Wednesday <3


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