What the Fug...celeb edition.

For those of you that have been following for awhile...or since January, you will remember that I partnered up with Katy at Tangerine Hearts to talk about the hideous outfit that my fav, Jessica Simpson, wore.

Well friends, YOU are in luck because we are doing it...AGAIN.
I love reading Katy's blog. She does an awesome job on her lifestyle blog and I love all of her cooking posts, her classic and timeless fashion choices and reading about all of the fun things she does.
She was also my very first reader! She has a special place in my heart.

(Boy, am I sappy this week!)

On to...

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

Miley, Miley, Miley...
I hate to be mean but I really don't understand your life choices OR your fashion choices.
The only way that I could describe you is, "Hot Mess".

You have chosen the appropriate Porn Convention outfit for a classy Grammy event!
NO, even though the dress is Herve Leger it doesn't make you look older or sophisticated.
Labels canNOT save everything.

The rope boob detailing is really throwing me off.
It is not sexy, in fact it looks painful.
FREE the girls...they need air!

I didn't want to mention the extra hair extensions.
But Holy HAIR, Batman!
It doesn't look natural.

Now, Miley, I really just want you to get it together.
You are 18, enjoy your teens. You have the rest of your life to be an adult.
I will not tell you not to drink (I did a lot of drinking in my 18th year of life. And had so much fun. Oops) but try not to follow in Lindsay Lohan's footsteps. You Disney girls sure know how to rebel! Find solace in those that TRULY care about you, stay focused on your craft and SAVE your money.

And that is a WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Ever.


  1. HYSTERICAL! And oh so true! That dress is awful!

  2. hahaha what was she thinking?! Why didn't anyone speak up and tell her this wasn't a good look?!

  3. awwww you are so nice to me!!! great post girly.

  4. she is always so 'droopy' looking, I'm not sure if she lacks confidence or just has very poor posture...if you are going to wear this strong of a look, then you need to have the confidence to pull it off (although I'm not really sure this dress merits confidence, unless you are at a Porn convention like you said)


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