What NOT to wear: Jessica Simpson

In honor of my winter wonderland vacation I have been posting about winter clothes and layers! I had to laugh when my friend Katy commented that I was dressing better for the winter than my friend, Jessica. For those that follow, you know that I love Jess. There is little that she can do to bug me and I always feel the need to defend her. But lately she has made some awful fashion decisions. And this one seems to be the worst.

If you don't read Katy's blog, Tangerine Hearts, then you are missing out on her Friday posts of, "What the Fug?". She chronicles the most hideous things that people wear or that you can buy. SO we are teaming up on this fashion Faux Paus and hope that you enjoy our version of what NOT to wear.

{image via gossipcenter.com}

Where do I start?

Since I am a Designer Label lover lets start with the fact that just because it is designer it does NOT mean it looks good. Jessica is wearing Dior boots and handbag. Both are hideous. Her jacket is over the top (I think that my love for fur has been chronicled) and the hood is quite ridiculous.

And the leggings.
What. The. Hell?
She is wearing reindeer. With Prints.
There is nothing right about them.

My dear Jessica...
PLEASE use a stylist. I want to love you unconditionally but you are really making me question you.
Love, Mandy

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