Winter 30 for 30 Remix: Outfits 10 and 11

Guess what?!?

This will be my last post of iPhone pics.
(FINGERS crossed)
Can I get a Woot! Woot?!

You are getting a combined post since I am going to try to catch up on my outfit posts.
Sunday is dedicated to chores (and blogging!) so that I can be equal with the rest of my remixers.

You saw a couple of days ago the F21 shoes that traded for the Miu Miu's. I started a new position the week that the remix started and I am on my feet A LOT more than I was in my previous role. I had to switch out two pairs of shoes that I could not STAND in all day. It was a necessity. You will see the second pair on this post. They were actually a pair that I ordered on my last day of shopping that I knew I would swap the Jessica Simpson 'Dany' for. I needed another pair of flats to make it through my workday. So that is why you will see "more" shoes than allotted.

Speaking of shoes. I miss mine. I really, really do.

That was my pity party, now onto the outfits.

Outfit 10
Haha...How serious do I look???
I was manager in charge of the store and I like to look very professional when taking on that task.
People always focus on my age and how young I look (their words, not mine) so I do what I can to prove my professionalism.

What I Wore:
Top: #7 Target pocket tank in Teal
Pants: Work Bottoms #1 Michael Kors cropped trousers
Blazer: #2 Halogen
Shoes: #2 YSL Trib Too
Glasses: Oliver Peoples
Jewelry: I totally ran out the door without any, not even a watch. Oops!

Outfit 11

This outfit was way more casual!
Notice that I wore my hair straight! I have to point it out because I hardly ever do! I am just trying out different looks with my new glasses (that I love).

What I Wore:

Top: #4 Gap blouse
Blazer: #1 Forever 21 sweatshirt blazer
Bottoms: black BP leggings (these are an accessory. I would never wear them alone. Meaning I will always wear a tunic, sweater, blouse, jacket that will cover ALL lady parts. NO ONE wants to see that. NO ONE.)
Shoes: new #5 Steve Madden 'Candence'
Accessories: Tarnish peacock scarf, House of Harlow 1960 necklace, Michael Kors watch


  1. Loooving the necklace in your second pic and the fun scarf. Perfect additions to the outfit!

  2. LOVING the glasses! They are perfect for you...

  3. You look fabulous in both outfits! I'm seriously in love with that peacock scarf. It's amazing!

  4. Look at you in those glasses! so sophisticated, love it. I was browsing HoH and Winter Kate yesterday, I want pretty much every single piece of HoH jewelry, it's so pretty.


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