Tuesday Travel Style {11} Double Dose

Since I am on vacation I thought it would be appropriate to show you two very different types of travelers. One headed for somewhere cold and the other headed to have some fun in the sun. You see, I am currently in twenty degree weather. I would much rather be at the beach. Any beach. But I am a trooper and thought that I would go and be inspired to dress in hats, scarves and lots and lots of layers. And it IS fun. But I can tell you right now that one week in this cold is more than enough for me! I don't know how you East Coasters do it!

Traveler One: Beach Bound

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

A) I cannot believe how SKINNY Leann has gotten
B) I am still obsessed with Military Green and I love everything about this outfit
C) I know that the DVf 'Stephanie' bag has been around a couple of years I still think it is amazing. Apparently Leann does too. Especially since she has been carrying it non stop.
D) No matter what decisions she has made, agree or disagree, she looks happy and has an incredible body

Traveler Two: Winter Wonderland (or somewhere colder than 75 degrees)

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

A) Rachel continues to be one of my favs
B) She is wearing a cable knit sweater like the one I posted about this morning!
C) she has been rocking the lace up wedge bootie that I feel like I have to have since she does (and Nordstrom has an amazing pair sitting that i have sitting in my wish list RIGHT NOW. I'm sure I'll post about them this week)
D) her suitcase is bigger than her! That's how you know she is going somewhere cold. Jackets and boots take up so much space!

Both ladies are appropriately dressed for their destinations. Both look fabulous. And both make me wish that I had either one of their suitcases (and body in case anyone was wondering).

Happy Travels!

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  1. are you talking about the Trouve Focus Bootie @ Nordstrom?? i think i have to buy those - they are soo cute!


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