Mugshot Monday: Leighton Meester

I saw this picture of Leighton and knew that I had to find a way to blog about it. I saw 'Country Strong' on Friday and it is hands down my new favorite movie. I am a total Country girl and this movie spoke to my heart. I actually like to think that if I was to be a Country singer that I would be like Leighton's character, Chiles Stanton, and be pretty, frilly, girly and over done. I love how beauty pageanty she is. She did a great job in the movie and her singing isn't bad either. I would RUN, don't walk, to see the movie :)

(image via justjared.com)

I think that Leighton looks drop dead gorgeous in this picture. I love the neutral palette of her sweater and her chic, cozy beanie. Her dog is precious. But honestly, her make up is pure perfection. She is a gorgeous girl!
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  1. Leighton looks GORGEOUS in this photo. Plus, I need that sweater! :)

    Haven't seen Country Strong yet, but I adore Leighton so I need to check it out!


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