Tuesday Travel Style {12}

(image via hillsfreak.blogspot.com)

Yay!!! Lauren is back on the scene. She has been laying low, filming and staying out of the spotlight. And I have missed her. I saw this picture and smiled really big. For one thing the Balenciaga weekender is absolutely amazing. Being a handbag lover my eyes went to the bag before the outfit. Then I saw that she was wearing the boots that I desperately covet and became insanely jealous. For those two accessories alone would make me happy for life. Truly! I just think that she makes amazing choices, looks incredible and stays true to her self style. And that makes her such an amazing travelista.

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  1. I never watched Laguna Beach and have seen The Hills maybe twice. Not a big celeb follower, but I do love Lauren Conrad's simple, wearable sense of style. She always looks chic, comfortable, stylish. This picture is a perfect example!

  2. I love travel style! I think people have gotten more and more lazy with their style when they travel, but I love looking nice and feeling put together, despite the travel stress! LC does this so well!

  3. Lauren always manages to look amazing no matter where she is! Love her style!


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