299: Cable knit sweater

My obsession with sweaters continues to grow.
As it gets colder and colder in CA (it has been colder then it ever has been at this time of year!) I want more and more to keep warm. My favorite is my cable knit pullover sweater from the Gap.

I saw Jessica in this outfit and knew I wanted to emulate it the best that I could.

{image via gossipcenter.com}

Let's give Jess credit for wearing a cute and flattering outfit.
{moment of silence}

She has been a little off in some of things that she has been wearing lately.
She doesn't always wear the right things for her body type.

BUT this outfit is darling and looks great on her.
The sweater looks cozy, the boots are an amazing color and I am dying over her Prada leopard handbag.
her necklace also helps elongate her body.

Plus her looks like it did when Ken used to do it and she looks HAPPY.

Happiness does WONDERS for the face.
So SMILE, my friends!

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