Sharing Sunday {2}

This week I bargain shopped.

While this might not seem significant to you...this is definitely out of the ordinary for me. You see, I have always found shopping to be challenging (when you have dealt with weight issues your whole life you tend to buy what fits regardless of the price because you are so happy you found SOMETHING) and bargain stores OVERWHELM me. I seriously get hot and itchy, short of breath and have to walk out. Sad, I know.

So to buy SIX things and spend 100 bucks, I was OVERJOYED!!

I hit up Old Navy in Utah and managed to go on an EXTRA 40% off day. I bought a pair of shorts for 2.57 and a skirt for 5.97. I also picked up the J Brand 'Houlihan' knock offs for $22 (it was their deal of the week and now are back to $34.50). These skinny cargo's are to die for.  And to be 100% honest...I liked them better than the REAL pair. Crazy I know!

And guess what store just happened to be next door to the Old Navy...YUP, Forever 21. Have you seen their shoes lately??? They are amazing. If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I left with a pair. They are cut out heels/booties in Taupe and were 26 bucks. A Steal. I wore them yesterday and did not take them off! Check them out here.

My sister was in town this weekend and she is a total bargain shopper, as is my mom. They LOVE the search. TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's the ladies can spend hours in them. Me not so much. Hives, remember? Anyways, I took one for the team and went to TJ Maxx with Mom and Sis. And I found something. I had been wanting a pair of metallic sandals by Steve Madden but I never picked them up. Well I found them. The ONLY pair of shoes in this style and in my size. And they were 20 dollars. TWENTY. Woohoo! So I left with those bad boys!

And last but not least I found a BLACK [faux] leather jacket that fits the look I want and my body. It hits at just the right spot and has a drapey collar. In fact it is very similar to the black leather jacket I posted about earlier last week on Blake Lively. This gem is by Mossimo and was $39.99. I already have like five outfits picked out to wear it with.

I have planned some WIW posts around these items so I am sure you will see them all at some point. But I just had to share all of the great deals that I found! It makes it a lot easier to share "the look for less" for all of those readers asking for that ;)

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