Two Hundred Fifty Five: it is all in the jacket

{ image via starstyleinc.com}

i am not super wordy tonight.
and really...her body says it all.
i want to be her.

i am going to be wearing my {faux} leather jacket with dresses all winter long.
and I say {faux} because I have not found a real leather one that fits me impeccably that I want to spend the money.
the red dress is in my favorite shade.
love the delicate ruffles with BLACK jacket and serious opaque tights.
the booties are rocking!

she is Amazing.
the end.


  1. She is so incredibly gorgeous! I love the jacket and the dress. The whole outfit is perfect on her!

  2. I love Blake and the dress, especially the colors!

  3. THIS is why I can't be into fashion and celebrities...I clicked here to say, "Why would you want to be Heidi Montag?!". Right. We can still be friends, but really...I only avoid commenting to spare myself the embarrassment. I'm a reader though! And I heart you!


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