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It was a pretty good week, even spending four days of it in Denver (not my favorite place ever!). As I am constantly thinking of ways to grow my readership and change up the blog I have decided to post on Sunday's. The post will be a quick list of my favorite things from the week that might not get it's own post under 365. They will be things that I feel I have to share with you all! Let me know what you think!

I saw "The Town" and it was absolutely amazing. I think that I was speechless for about 15 minutes after. Go see it! If only to see Ben looking like this in his directorial debut. (This movie reaffirmed my long lasting love for Ben. I have been obsessed since Good Will Hunting. Literally 13 years.)

{image via google image search}

I found Kendi. My friend Andrea tweeted about her blog and I spent all of Saturday afternoon reading it. You need to check this blog out!

I am obsessed with the F21 Cupcakes and Cashmere set up. They merchandised their stores around five bloggers style. The product looks incredible. After reading about Emily and sharing her blog with you all a couple of weeks ago, I about died when I saw the store.

My toenail polish makes me happy every time I look at my feet. I became obsessed with finding the perfect gold glitter for my toes. I bought the OPI Swiss Collection's Glitzerland and layered it with Nubar's Gold/Brown glitter. The effect is STUNNING! Nubar's glitter polishes actually look like the whats in the bottle.

{image via bynubar.com}

{Image via OPI.com}

I fell in love with these jeans! I was really scared to try them on due to the reviews BUT I found them to fit fantastically, I love the thinness of the fabric and the length was perfect to wear with all of my heels. I am buying them in two other colors. Obsessed much? Sure am :)

And that my blog friends is the end of my sharing Sunday. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Where do you get Nubar polish from?

  2. I bought it at Second Street Beauty! You can also buy it on the link under the picture, for those who don't live in LBC. :)


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