218: My Tucker for Target choices

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I was so excited when I started to write this post.
I was patiently waiting for my Tucker dresses to arrive.
I already had numerous outfits planned around my boots, vests and jackets for Fall.

But then the dresses looked awful.
It was a tie between Mrs. Roper and my Grandma circa 1970. Shapeless and busy prints are B-A-D for my body!

I still decided to share my choices because I know at least one of you is 5' 10" and 115 pounds.
You, Miss Model, can rock this look ;)


  1. ha! I wish I was 115 pounds! I actually tried on on of their dresses, it might have been the 2nd one on here and LOVED IT but I didn't buy it because I wasn't in a money spending mood. If it's still there when I go back I just might get it! I also loved a tweed skirt they had but grabbed the wrong size and couldn't get it buttoned haha

  2. @Katy...you look like you could be 115ibs :) The second dress did fit but my mom told me I looked like a little girl. Bwahaha.

    I should rephrase...in my opinion this line is hard for curvier/fuller figured girls to wear :)


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