One hundred forty nine: Love this combo

I am NOT a Kristen Stewart fan.
At all.
In fact I have not enjoyed any of the Twilight movies (even though I devoured the books. Twice.) because of her "acting". Bella could have been played by someone SO MUCH BETTER!

Anyways, the good thing about Twilight premeires is beautiful clothing.
And Kristen did KILL IT with this RM Rouland Mouret dress paired with her new hair color. The dress is intricate and the proportions are perfect. I love long sleeved mini dresses.

I love her new lighter locks.
I tweeted the other day that I want red locks, more on the auburn side.

{image via peoplestylewatch.com{

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  1. I am totally on board with your KStew opinion! I don't like her either, I read the books and waited to see the 1st movie until it was on DVD and HATED IT and definitely didn't like the 2nd one any better. I just pictured Bella differently, but ya, her fashion choices? AWESOME.


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