120: not so basic

Maxi dresses are everywhere. You can buy them for $20 or $700+. They are comfortable but chic. They perfect dress to wear after a long day at the beach or pool (or work). And everyone has some sort of black version. While basic black is flattering and timeless it is nice to see different twists on the look. Back in April, Hilary Duff, was photographed shoe shopping at Barney's in Beverly Hills. Looking through the first few pics of her dress, it looked like any other maxi dress. But then they showed a picture from behind. I LOVE the straps on the dress. So interesting and funky. Made me want to buy ANOTHER black maxi.

Hilary wears her "staples" with her dress.
A scarf and large earrings.
SHe stays true to her style.
P.S. She is carrying and Hermes Birkin. They go with everything.

{all images via justjared.com}

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