Oh the essentials

One of my very first blogposts for my fellow fashionistas was on what I considered to be a closet essential.
And at that time The Rachel Zoe show was on and I had a slight love affair with the cast and Ms. Zoe herself. I wasn't expecting to like her much since I bought onto the rumors that she made her clients do whatever possible to be skinny and to wear couture (ahem...drugs). THEN I found out that her first client was Jennifer Garner. I love Jenn because her hubby (my first celeb crush that has lasted the test of time. I STILL crush hard when I see him :)) loves her in all her natural glory. Then I found out she dresses "Annie". That would be Anne Hathaway for the rest of us common folk. And I think that she always looks incredible. Style crush? I think so. I now receive the Zoe Report in my inbox daily. She sends out her favorite items. Which is kind of like what I am doing in my 365 posts. Hmmm....

Anyways, back to the basics.
Rachel put together what HER top 20 items are.
Check out MY post first. Hehe
Then check out HERS.

Do we think alike? Let's find out!

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