Thirty three: Cutest ever

No...she isn't on here because of her style (which is cute but she hasn't established herself yet)
I think that she is darling.
Plus she is a TRIPLE THREAT.
She can DANCE, sing (she is a pretty decent country singer) and act (She is the new Lori in Footloose).
I think that she is one to look out for!
Her beauty exudes her.
And her personality is amazing. So bubbly and fresh!
I like her feather skirt and her Nude Loubies
My mom bought this and it is HARD!!!
But so much fun. A GREAT work out.
My Inspiration to lose weight and to fit in a gold sequin bikini.
My only thought is that she is 21...but then again I NEVER looked like that at 21. (sigh)


  1. She is so pretty! I have never heard her sing but I'll take your word for it! Can't wait to see the new footloose!

  2. Oh and I see you got the link to work! yay!!


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