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I am having a work wardrobe crisis. I don't know how I want to portray my look on a daily basis. I want to be known for a signature look. Right now I have been trying to incorporate too many trends into my wardrobe. I hate having to look "professional" but know that it is important. How can I keep dressing like "me" and still set a standard that is professional and fashion forward? I went to my closet and started going through to see what items could be worn with many different things to create the look I want. That is when I realized that I have totally neglected my "closet essentials".

And that got me thinking... What should every woman have in her closet?
Here is my list...

1. Black pants: skinny and wide leg
2. The perfect jean: two pairs...one to wear with flats, the other with heels
3. Black Sheath: Form fitting and in a wearable fabric. I like Ponte knit. Also should be simple enough to dress up or down.
4. Collared, long sleeved button up: Form fitting and long enough to tuck in
5. Boyfriend cardi: covers your booty and looser fitting
6. Short sleeve crew neck tee: one that has a little stretch in the fabrication
7. Blazer: Tailoring and fit is what makes this piece timeless. I like one button on mine
8. Leather jacket: in a soft, supple leather. The motorcycle jacket gives the most versatility. It will dress up a dress or dress down with jeans and a tee
9. Dressy shorts: look for a thicker fabric and a cuff
10. Pencil skirt: form skimming and below the knee is the most flattering and elongates the leg

1. Satchel handbag: this is a piece that completes the look. Satchels can be very ladylike or funky and tough
2. Oversized sunglasses: in black or tortoise and a solid, dark lens
3. Cashmere wrap: worn as a scarf or wrap in a stand out color
4. Belts: skinny or wide in black, brown and trend color or fabrication. Creates and highlights a waist and changes the look of any outfit
4. Statement necklace: choose a look that works for you. Layered, charms, pearls or bib
5. Oversized watch: in gold and silver
6. Hoop earrings: silver, gold and crystal
7. Cocktail ring: real or faux, choose a color or interesting jewel or rock
8. Ballet flats: in black and leopard
9. Peep toe pumps: the most comfortable are seude because they form to your foot but classic leather is more wearable year round
10. Knee high boots: in leather choose a pair with a heel, flat boots look great with skinny jeans

The most important thing to remember is that ALL of these pieces can be mixed and matched to create a look. BUT fashion should be exciting and ever changing. You can buy trendy or fashion forward pieces to update your "closet essentials" and look like you walked off of a cover of a magazine. I have learned that I don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe to embrace a trend. If I have the essentials I can change and evolve season after season and not spend more money than I need to.

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  1. I love this post! I always tell friends when they purchase items to make sure they can be mixed & matched, then you can throw in some fun, fashionable & trendy peices without over spending.


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