Forty Six: work attire

I am still trying to perfect my perfect work look.
WHen I saw this picture I knew it was something that I could pull off.
I loved everything about it!

A simple three piece outfit that is so polished.
The jacket/shell combo is probably Chanel but you can pull off the look with St. John as well.
OR WHite House Black Market has a jacket that is very similar.
The pants are in my favorite cut. Cropped Ankle. So flattering and shows off the shoe. I would wear this pant everyday and have it in a multitude of colors.
And the shoes. Those are Christian Louboutin. I love the toe (covered in gold plates) and the color blocking. They are also in seude which is my favorite shoe fabrication. Comfy.
AND I know because I visit them at the Scottsdale Barney's when I am in town. I LOVED those shoes.

I love this look.
And will now spend the week trying to replicate it.

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