Forty Seven: STOP! Collaborate and listen. It's Hammer-time!

W.W.Y.W Wednesday?

Whitney Port edition

Harem pants.
Not a look that everyone can pull off, nor want too.
But I kind of like the look.

Whitney takes chances and wears some question worthy pieces. I like the overall look even though I would never attempt to wear it myself.

What do you think?

I DO love the hair and make up though.
Whitney is a total sex pot with this look.
She is normally so plain jane.
Love the curls and the smokey eyes.
I would definitely do the same thing for a night out.


  1. I love the hair and makeup! hate the pants lol, not a look I think I could wear :)

  2. Step away from the hammer pants. Some things are better left back-in-the-day!!! I'm enjoying the blog.


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