Forty FiVe: My fav

I have to admit to y'all somthing.
And I am sure that some of you will think differently after this.
But I love Jessica Simpson.

Many loved her back in the early 2000's.
But they changed her mind after hearing her speak.
The divorce from Nick Lachey.
Her creepy realtionship with her Dad and his inappropriate comments.
Her acting career.
Her country CD.
Dating douche bags like John Mayer.

But I am loyal. I pride myself on that.
I love that she is real. To the core.
Has fallen down over and over in the public eye and still stands up smiling.
I love that she has had to find herself, be happy with herself and love herself.
And that she is drop dead beautiful.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her.
I figured it was relevant since her dress is spot on to the Neutral color pallette we are seeing for spring!

So go ahead and judge...
but just know that if we were friends outside of the blogoshpere I would be just as loyal ;)

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  1. I think she's beautiful too! and love that dress :)


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