44: you're so vain...you prolly think this blog is about you, don't you, don't you!

I found glammed.blogspot.com from my friend, Katy.
And she posts on a variety of things. She finds amazing images and is very personal letting you into her life.
I was enjoying reading her archives...
And then I saw this post

I DREAM of buying a home and decorating each room in a different way.
I don't want my house to have a theme.
I want a person to walk into each room and feel where my inspiration came from.

And after seeing this pic from her post, I KNEW that no matter where I live I will have a vanity.
Just. Like. This. One.

Isn't it pretty? I would feel so fancy getting ready here. Sigh

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  1. In my imagination I have an amazingly decorated place, sadly I suck at decorating lol. I'll keep trying thouhg! Love that vanity :)


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