Makes my heart pitter patter!

This ad makes my heart stop, the flutter like crazy. If you know anything about Valentino then you will understand. Mr. Valentino built a fashion empire on dressing a woman to make her feel beautiful. He focuses on femininity and in making a woman look like a woman. He incorporates his love of the woman's body with fabric, cut and color. He is a true couturier. I am not sure when this ad is from but it invokes the spirit of Valentino by using such the natural beauty like supermodel, Christy Turlington. The picture has a Sepia feel and makes the model and the handbag the focus. Valentino uses a lot of roses and bows in his designs. this bag is truly a piece of artwork! I love it!

This past season Valention launched the 360 Loop bag. This bag has been highly editorialized and the sequin bag in particular has been quite a topic on the blog sites. We first saw this bag on Gossip Girl which in itself speaks of how High Fashion it is. We have also seen a few celebrities carrying it as well.

Is this a handbag that you could see yourself wearing? Why or why not?

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  1. I would totally wear this bag!! Because I'm obsessed with sequins


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