Oh YES I did........

This past week was employee holiday shop.
And I went a litle crazy!
Before you judge me I got a present for everyone in my family and my BF;
and quite a few amazing things for myself!

I love Designer.
Always have.
Not that I can afford it whenever I want.
But the second it gets marked down the merchandise is fair game.

And that is how I bought this....

And this is MY bag in a picture that I took. :)

You might remember that I have had quite a fascination with crystals and sequins and sparkles lately. Well it hasn't gone away! I have purchased TWO of the things that I have listed on this blog.
My Marc Jacobs being one.
I also bought the DV Dolce Vita sequin pumps in "pewter" that actually have some green in it. They sparkle like a mermaid. I really wanted the sequin Miu Miu's but there was no justifying $950.


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  1. Gorgeous! Most of my holiday shopping has consisted of gifts for myself so far haha oops. I did get myself sequin coach wedges though yay!


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