Hilary Duff

I think that Hilary Duff is adorable!
(I think her sister Haylie is too)
Both girls have incredible style. And yes, they are from Texas, but they pull off the casual Cali style with ease. Hilary dresses for her body type and sticks to certain styles that work. She also has a "uniform". She tends to wear leggings, a slouchy tee, a large scarf and some kind of bootie or boot. She looks stylish, yet comfortable.

I think that the color ensemble looks great here! I want those sunglasses. I cannot tell if they are Oliver peoples, Dita or Carrera. I love her bright yellow cardi-wrap and her black scarf.
Hilary also tends to wear pencil skirts. She likes a very fitted skirt to hit just above or below the knee. I think that she shows a girl in her twenties how she can looked polished and professional in a trendy and age appropriate way. She showcases her smallest part of her body with a wide belt and wears her booties.
The first thing I noticed in this picture was her Givenchy 'Nightingale' handbag. Such an it bag without all of the hype. She has on her "uniform". I love the camoflauge scarf with the tassled edges. She looks trend right wearing a leather jacket and her boots keep her from looking sloppy!
I am not the only one who think that Hilary has great style. Hilary is designing for DKNY and launched Femme for DKNY this fall. This is a picture from her US Weekly spread that I loved. The stand out in this picture is her prada peep toe studded sling backs (I just bought these too). She is wearing her leggings and a fun fringe shirt. She looks edgy without being over the top.
In my opinion Hilary can do no worng when it comes to dressing. She is gorgeous. I love that she is able to pull off many looks, hair colors and is playful in her make up choices. A great role model and style icon for women/girls!

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