Coffee Date/Hang Out Sesh

It is the weekend!

If we were having coffee this week I would tell you...

- My work with Pollinate Media Group has really picked up and it has kept me super busy AND very happy. I love being able to do work for them and it is fun and fulfilling! I also have a couple other side jobs happening in the next week. So I have put the job hunt on a hiatus for the moment. If I stay busy with these projects than I don't need another job! Woot Woot! So keep that in your prayers because it would be a dream!

- I have stepped up my diet and exercise regimen. A LOT! I am now working out 6x a week, 1 1/2-2 hours a day. I have tightened up my diet a lot, I am back on my meal replacement shakes for one meal a day and I am juicing a couple meals a week as well. I am already starting to see results, thankfully because this is a big change from my maintenance that I had been doing.

- I am so BEYOND excited for Stagecoach Music Festival in two weeks. I bought a couple bikinis (Push up bandeau top and the cheeky low rise bottom in a solid and print) to wear at the pool before we head over to the polo fields for the concerts. I may pick up a new sundress but I haven't even looked around for one yet. I just cannot wait to be in Palm Springs (one of my most favorite getaway places EVER) hanging out and relaxing with my friends! We booked an AMAZING hotel bungalow type thing so I am prepared to have an incredible time!

- Dating has been good lately. I cannot complain. :) I also will not share much because a girl has to keep some things private. PLUS I don't like to jinx things. Haha. I am weird. I get it! 

- I have really been missing my family, especially the babies! I am probably not going to see them until the middle of May and that is just depressing. I feel so thankful for FaceTime and cell phone pics. 

- I am hoping to spend some time with friends, get in a couple good work outs, maybe hit up an Angels Baseball game and who knows what else this weekend!

What is new with all of you? Anything fun/exciting/amazing to share with me? I love hearing about all of you! Call me nosy but I just love knowing and being apart of your lives! Blogging is such a fun community! So SPILL it! I know that I tend to get emails instead of comments from some of you, and I SO appreciate that and love communicating on a more personal level as well. So Thank you!

I am linking up with my dear friend, Alissa, over here! Pop on over and read what everyone has been up to!

I hope you have an incredible weekend!!


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  1. So happy to hear that this week was much better than a few weeks ago! Crazy how things turn around. The music festival sounds like a lot of fun & I love the bikini you picked. I'm a big fan of the Victorias Secret ones.


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