What I Wore: Wicked!

So I had a pretty epic weekend. 
And I needed it. My brain was mush by the time Friday rolled around. I was in need of girlfriend/sister/family time and I got more of that than I could have asked for. I spent time with one of my favorites, Miss Baby Boy Bakery herself, on Friday. We are just crazy together and we seriously never stop laughing. Like ever. I also spent some time with my Gram, who has Alzheimer's, that day. That was tough but seeing Jacqui made it so much easier. My baby sister came in from AZ and we spent Saturday day at Disneyland. Spending time with her is so refreshing. She knows me, gets me and LOVES me in spite of it all. THEN on Saturday night I FINALLY saw Wicked. My friend invited me to go with her and I felt so blessed. On Sunday I drove up to the Central Coast to spend time with my other sister, the babies and my parents. It was long over due. I packed up to spend the first half of the week up here. Definitely a perk of working from home, I can work anywhere there is an Internet connection. Honestly, driving up the coast and blasting my music really helps soothe my soul. Something about the beach I tell you! 

This is the outfit that I wore to see Wicked. I wanted to be a little dressier because I believe in getting dressed up to go to the Theater. BUT since I would be sitting for hours I wanted to still be comfortable. I opted for a jersey pencil skirt, basic tee and leather jacket. Dressy with an edge. I was SO THANKFUL that I have "The Classics" in my closet. When you pair staples together you will always have a look that is in style. Every woman should have these three items in their closet at all times.


What I Wore:

Jacket: Old (Similar)
Heels: Theyskens' Theory, old (pretty similar for a great price)
Earrings: Stella and Dot 'Petra Fringe'
Bracelet: Tasha, old (fun similar look)
Ring: Kendra Scott 'Rana' in Black Onyx, old (same style in blue, own this style)


  1. You weekend sounds fabulous! I saw Wicked a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I agree with you about dressing up for the theater. It's a fun opportunity to wear something a little different. You're looking great love!!

  2. I love your site! I'm part of the fashion blog collaboration and I am your newest follower! Love your outfit ensembles and you pull off everything so great! I've put your cute button up on my site too! Excited I found your blog and I look forward to working with you in the future!
    Follow me back at www.unpredictableandchic22.blogspot.com

  3. i am really impressed you got it together to go OUT and look so nice after disneyland! we were in bed before ten, EXHAUSTED!!!


  4. You look great! Pretty hair too!

  5. Love wicked and LOVE LOVE this outfit - I always think classics are the best :) And I'm gonna have to look into those target tees - I love T by Alex Wang but they're so darn pricey! xx

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  6. 1) I am obsesssed with Wicked. It was so funny!! I was surprised how much I laughed in it. And I of course loved that the Wicked Witch was a misunderstood animal lover, haha.

    2) HOLY HELL - you look SO hot. For real. LOVE this look- totally smoldering and with the t-shirt: perfection. Well done. My hat is seriously off to you on this one.

  7. You look amazing - and so smart to think dressed up & comfortable! Jealous you've seen Wicked since I must be the only person who has read the book and not seen the play yet! One day....

  8. Awe. You weekend sounds amazing!
    There is literally nothing to do here right now because it hasn't stopped snowing.

    anyways, you look great. love it all. I also really love those wedges!

    come visit :)

  9. That sounds like so much fun! I'd love to see the show! I'd also love to get a leather jacket at some point....

  10. those shoes and skirt are so sexy on you!

  11. Ok, seriously my favorite outfit I've seen you in, this is so flattering on you! Sexy lady!!


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