What I Wore: Uniform. Again

Happy Wednesday, folks!

The week is just flying by. I feel like this always happens when I am with my family! Spending time with my nephew and niece, who are both under the age of TWO, ensures that there is never a dull moment. I may be away from home but I am still working. I snuck away for about four hours to get some work done and then worked more after they went to bed. I feel lucky to have the flexibility AND work partners that are night owls like me!

As you can see, comfort won out in today's look. I packed clothes that I knew I could wear with the kids and not worry about them getting drooled on, spit up on or have food rubbed into. Haha. Since it is back in the low sixties I reached for my trusty old plaid flannel, jeans and go to booties. Simple, easy and relatively kid proof. 

Uniform. Again 

 Photo Bombed. He thought we were playing. Hahahaha!

What I Wore:


  1. I'm happy to hear the week is flying by for you, it's going super slow for me! Haha! Hope you have an amazing time with your family!

  2. Love that plaid top!

    xo Ashley

  3. OMG that photo bomb = the cutest!! Your nephew is sooo adorable!!

  4. OK, you are ADORABLE. :) Loving your blog!!!!
    xoxox Holly

  5. haha--he was definitely trying to steal the show! Hey, that's real life, and that's just how a photo shoot goes some times! I love that you posted those pictures.

  6. Your nephew is WELL CUTE.

    The plaid top is a beaut, casual and cool. :)



  7. dude i'm with you! when you're hanging w kids, you need kid proof clothes otherwise you'll always regret it!

  8. I LOVE the photo bomb, hahah- so cute! And this look is great. So casual cute from ankle up but the booties add that extra something.


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