What I Wore: Going Green

Whirlwind Weekend!

I had such an incredible time with my girlfriends this weekend! There is something about hanging out with the women that have known you since you were a kid especially when you are "home". I don't spend much time in the town that I grew up in and my parents no longer live there but no matter what it will always be "home". Plus celebrating love and your friend marrying the man of her dreams is always a great time!

This outfit is my "i wish it was Summer and the sun is out and it is 78 degrees so I am going to bust out the shorts even though I am paler than Casper" look. I love wearing sweaters with shorts and sandals. The next few months I will be wearing a lot of variations of this look. I LOVE the color of these shorts (especially when I am tan). They have proven to be super versatile and the fabrication makes them a little cleaner, more sophisticated looking than denim and linen. I kept the look simple with a black sweater and sandals. I kept my jewelry pretty minimal as well. I wore this for lunch at the beach and then running errands all afternoon. 

Going Green

What I Wore:

Sweater: Old Navy, last year (Similar)
Watch: Michele


  1. I am so ready for shorts too (although I'm right there with you on being super pale!). I love wearing sweater with shorts too. The perfect way to transition.

    1. I am glad you agree! It is totally the perfect transition. I know we are spoiled by where we live but I just want it to be 82 all year long. :)

  2. Oh no, is it shorts weather already?! Good thing I never wear anything shorter than knee length, I could never pull it off!

    loving the mint and you are rocking those shorts!

    just love // kelly

  3. I love those sandals and i'm envious that you are wearing shorts already! It's snowing here in NY :(
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. cuteness!


  5. I am so with you on wanting to break out the shorts already! I love wearing them with long sleeves like you did - such a nice "transition" to the warmer weather!

  6. I wish it was warm enough to wear shorts around here!! There's still snow on the ground by me! And I love the light green color!

  7. love those shorts!! i can't wait til baby is here and i can try on and wear regular bottoms again. don't get me wrong, i LOVE being pregnant and my maternity pants are the most comfortable ever, but there's so many shorts/pants i want but have no clue if it's worth buying them in my regular size or not.


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