What I Wore: Winter Maxi Dress

Happy Hump Day!!
I swear Wednesday's make me really happy for some weird reason. I think because the majority of the week is behind us. This week I have gotten in a couple killer work outs, I have a date planned and I have gotten a lot of blog stuff done. Pretty productive if you ask me! I am still playing around with the camera and I am hoping that I can get in some more practice this week. As long as the rain goes away!! As you can see I am still playing with lighting along with trying different places to go and at different times of the day. I included a pic (the first one) that is a little darker to show my growth and progress.

We had a few days where it was 85 degrees and it was absolutely glorious! I have had this dress for a couple years and hardly ever wear it. I forget that it is in my closet until I see it on someone else randomly. This dress was perfect for the weather. Since it is still winter I wore this dress with booties for two reasons. One, I have seen other girls pull off this look and wanted to try it since it is season appropriate. Two, I really like wearing a neutral color with black. I threw on a lot of gold and black jewelry to complete the look. I felt like it was a kind of seventies, boho vibe. Which is my favorite look!

Winter Maxi Dress
 This was my first location attempt. Too Dark! But I liked the pose.
 SO. MANY. DUCKS and BIRDS. See all the poop? Kind of Grossed out. Haha
 I am still using my mini, flexible tripod. It worked well on the bench.
 It was SO windy but made my dress look rad!

What I Wore:

Dress: Old Navy, old (Similar, Similar, Similar)
Booties: Mossimo 'Kaelyn' 
Rings: Alexis Bittar, old (WANT this one badly

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  1. Wow, the wind definitely worked in your favor! :) Love the dress (love Old Navy in general! ha!)
    Found you at WIWW. :)

  2. I posted a maxi dress look, too! Love them for winter!

  3. Wow - great shots and yes Maxi is all seasons! Blog hopping from The Pleated Poppy.

  4. Love the winter maxi look..I feel like that is my go-to piece in these cold months! See easy and hides my white skin haha.
    Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy!



  5. your pics are turning out so great! i have yet to even use my new camera, idk how i've kept it at bay!


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