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Hey! Hey!

I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend. I got to spend time with my family, which includes my ever adorable nephew and niece, so my weekend was pretty darn good! I feel so lucky that I get to see those precious little faces at least once a month. I hate that my family lives so far from me :(

Having my mom here helped me get a couple of things accomplished, which always feels good. I mentioned in my 2013 Goals that I wanted to start buying some important pieces for my condo. I have been pinning away (not to brag but I think I have AWESOME Pinterest boards. Haha) and I think I am really honing in on my style and how I want to decorate my home. I had to order new blinds for my kitchen so we were able to do that. I also found a rug that I wanted for my living room (which is huge). I picked up this one from World Market for an incredible deal. I am a member so they sent a 50% off coupon for any one regular price item, I got an additional 10% off for it being a floor model AND I had $40 in gift cards. I only paid $35 out of pocket! I was so excited. Now I have to get a new couch cover, the Jonathan Adler 'Letter' pillows I have been lusting over for years and a shelving unit. It's coming along!

Another thing I realized this weekend is that I need to be a better planner/organizer. I am so Type A in  so many ways but I am not great at planning ahead in certain areas of my life. For example, it is easy for me to plan my social life; dinners, a get together and dates. I can plan my work outs around my social life and work. BUT I need to start meal planning and blog post planning. I am the girl that goes to the grocery store without a list, I wing it. It works because I tend to eat the same things over and over because I know the nutritional info and caloric count. But I have pinned some amazing looking recipes that I think will help me with my weight loss. If I plan my meals in advance, then I can make lists and prep food as necessary. I would probably save some money too! I also tend to wing it when it comes to blogging. I don't ALWAYS mind it becasue I think you end up getting more genuine posts and the "real" me. But it would be nice to have direction for when I don't have outfit pics, or I have writer's block. SOoooooo.... I am asking for your advice! Do any of you meal plan? What is yout technique? How should I plan and prep for cooking for one person who is always on the go? And for those of you that blog as well.... Do you plan your posts in advance? How do you keep yourself organized and from getting in a rut?

I APPRECIATE your help and honest answers!
Thanks in Advance ;)

Everyone and their mom signed up for 'Vine' on my Instagram feed. I hear it is like IG but with short videos instead. Sounds cool but WHY did it all of the sudden burst onto the scene and make every big and little blogger in the world sign up on a random Sunday?!? Can someone weigh in? Please!

Today's look is actually from a few weeks ago. I think the look is kind of BLAH so I hadn't posted it. I think all creativity goes out the door when it is cold. This outfit is from our "cold spell". I really liked the navy on navy broken up with the gray and cognac. Yes, those boots AGAIN. They are just so easy to wear! Simple, pulled together and easy. Sometimes that is the only way to go.

Simple Simon

What I Wore:

Sweater: Merona Shawl collar (from the Men's Department) 


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! :) It's always good to see your family, isn't it? And even better to see their adorable pictures on Instagram! :P

    I'm a rather organized person and I obsessively schedule things in my planner (social plans, blog posts, etc.). But I have just never tried to plan meals. Although, it would be quite helpful since I could avoid not having anything to eat in my house at lunchtime, which ultimately means I eat cereal and then snack on junk. Oops! Planning meals will definitely help you on your weight loss goals. I think the best way to do it would be to look over some of those delicious recipes you've pinned (because you really do have awesome Pinterest boards) and pick something to make every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, whatever. So, maybe use your Sunday to plan meals and then go shopping afterwards (with a list!!!) so you have everything you need for the whole week.

    I'm slowly starting to get the hang of planning blog posts ahead of time since I'm finally, *gasp*, posting five days a week. Some sort of miracle, isn't it? :P I think having a weekly series or two is always great because you know what kind of content you have to develop for a certain day, so that's one less thing to stress over. For me, I don't have to wonder what in the world I should post on a Friday, because I know it'll be my Friday Favorites. I think the same technique as planning meals would apply here because it's easier to figure out what you want to post ahead of time instead of scrambling to come up with a topic the night before you post (which I still do). So, if you have any ideas for upcoming posts, jot them down somewhere safe! And decide ahead of time what you want to post when so you know if you need to throw on something fabulous and take outfit photos! I always find reading other blogs is a great way to get inspiration and get over writer's block. Or, you know, just making a set on Polyvore. That helps too.

    I've heard people mentioning this Vine thing… But what would I want to make videos for? Trust me, no one wants to hear me talk!

    And to make this comment even longer… You look fabulous! I'm kind of obsessed with those boots! :)

    Longest. Comment. Ever.


      Thank you for the great advice and suggestions.

      Fam time was great and the babes make my whole heart smile. :) Glad you like seeing the pics.

      Vine... kind of cool. You don't have to talk. Check it out.

      I am obsessed with these boots too. Best 40 bucks ever.

  2. I'm feeling those boots, i need a pair that color Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

    1. I am shocked you don't have boots in this color. They are so versatile.

  3. Boots & Sweaters are my favorite and any time it hits below 63 degrees here in L.A. I'm pulling both on :) P.S. let me know when you find out about the Vine thing.. I'm confused too
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

    1. Agreed. That is my uniform when it is "cold" here. Haha. We are so spoiled.

      I will text you about Vine. I like the concept but don't get why it blew up in one day. It is like an email went out to all bloggers to promote on Sunday. Haha

  4. Love finding a sweet deal too! Those Johnathan Adler pillows are soooo cute!! I may be ordering as well! We are the exact samesies on planning....I used to be crazy, and had every day planned out with times & activities, now I am like a lost puppy. 3 day planners and I still can't get my shit together! Well besides of course dinners & nights out!
    xoKatie www.SuburbanSparkle.net

    1. Hahahaha... I am so glad I am not alone. I need to get my shit together. Especially with all the change in my life. YES! The pillows are amazing. i have wanted for so long. I don't know whether to do M for Mandy or C for my last name. Decisions, Decisions!


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