What I Wore: Interesting Match Up

Happy Monday!

I cannot believe I am going to say this but I am glad that it is back to being a "normal" week. After Tahoe, Christmas and New Years my days and weeks have had me so confused! 

I have had a lot of time to really think the past few weeks and I have a lot running through my mind. All good things of course! The only thing that I will mention is that I find it interesting how "perception is reality" so often in life. Especially here in blog land! I may share a lot over the internet, open my heart, give you a peak into my daily life BUT I do keep a lot of things to myself and I most definitely cherish my personal relationships. I try to keep family, friends and the people I date OFF the blog until given permission from them, and even then I am wary. So just remember that everything you read or see here is only a snippet of what my life is really like. And my current relationship has not made it onto the blog. Pictures can be deceiving ;)

Alright, onto the outfit! I threw this interesting look together for lunch with Nikki last week. I was SO EXCITED to meet up with another blogger that I have connected with through our blogs. We had a great lunch and I look forward to hanging out again soon! I have been so blessed by the people that I have met through blogging that it makes everything worth it! This sweater is one of my favorites even though it is almost TOO over sized to wear anymore. When I got dressed in my somewhat dark room, the stripes in the sweater looked more gray and I thought that pairing it with my gray jeans would be a perfect complement. Seeing the look in the light, I am not so sure. Haha. I threw on my burgundy heels because I liked the navy, gray combo. It was an easy and comfortable look that is a little interesting. This is proof that your vision doesn't always turn out the way you plan!

Interesting Match Up

What I Wore:

Sweater: Free People, old (similar, similar)


  1. I LOVE meeting with you last week. I hope we can do it again VERY soon!! And I think your outfit was AMAZING! Especially those heels :)
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

    1. Very soon! I had such a good time. It was so long over due! And thanks...it didn't turn out how I pictured but it was comfy chic ;)

  2. always that fine line between having a full blog and the others' right to privacy. There's so much stuff I wish I could write about or post on, but due to my privacy and others (not to mention being a good employee): I do not. So I'm well aware that it inherently can't be all-encompassing.

    Anyway, on to your outfit. I love it! I think it looks really cute. I'm such a sucker for big sweaters.

    1. I SO wish that I could put it all out there sometimes but I am not willing to suffer the consequences. Haha. I just wish people didn't look at the smallest thing and make it into a story that is NOT true at all. I am HIGHLY aware of who reads my blog, whether I want them to or not, and I know what I can and cannot post based upon knowing that!

      You LOOK GOOD in all things over-sized and pull it off...I don't think I do! Ha!

  3. I love Free People sweaters - I swear they make the best stuff! This is a fabulous outfit - love the heels too!

  4. I love this oversized sweater - so cute! Am a new follower! :)

    lace, etc.

  5. Blog hopping - I love this look on you.

  6. I absolutely love that sweater. It looks amazing and looks like it would feel amazing too. Love the little pop of burgundy.

  7. Stripes are my fave pattern right now! This looks great on you! Stopping by from the hop!


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