What I Wore: Chunky Knit and Prints

In so many ways I use blogging as my journal. I know exactly what I was feeling and thinking when I go back and read old posts. I love that I am able to channel my thoughts into one place even when they aren't always sunshine and rainbows! Thanks for understanding that I cannot always complete an entire thought process or share what the exact scenario is and for reading anyways!

When I saw THIS PIC of Khloe Kardashian back in July I knew I had to buy those jeans. I found them for a GREAT price on Amazon and wear them all of the time! I love that she wore such a light denim with black. I tend to wear lighter colors with lighter denim because I feel like sometimes the combo is almost too drastic. But I finally decided to try it out. I grabbed a chunky knit sweater and my fringe boots and pulled together a fun, casual look.

If you follow my on Instagram, I wore this outfit on the day I bought TWO coffees. I thought it was worth noting since I barely drink once coffee a week BUT I was exhausted! I look at these pics and see how tired I was. Minimal make up, I didn't brush my hair and dark circles. Another way to document my life... I had a GREAT date the night before. Talking to someone until 3am is always worth looking a little haggard!

Chunky Knit and Prints
 No my zipper was NOT unzipped...just laid really weird!

What I Wore

Jeans: Seven for all Mankind Aztec, older (similar, similar, similar)


  1. Love this look on you! Those jeans are fabulous!

  2. way jeals about your mocs! Love those.

  3. These jeans are so unique and I think it's perfect paired with the black. I'm definitely loving lighter denim and need to add more to my closet. Congrats on the GREAT date too :) hope there's more to come!


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