What I Wore: Having a Blue Moment

Alright friends, are you ready for some randomness? All of the things I want to share with you have nothing to do with the other. Ha! First thing is that I am getting my hair done today. I have no clue what I will end up doing once I am in the chair but I have been stalking my Pinterest board for inspiration. Yesterday I picked up the new Liquid Sand nail polish by OPI and I am kind of obsessed. It looks REALLY cool on. I want it to be known that I think I am turning into a couch potato! There are so many good shows on and I cannot stop watching. Lastly, I had a great Girl's Night Out with two friends I have known since elementary school on Tuesday and then yesterday an old friend sent me an email after reading my Coffee Date post and reconnected with me. Those two interactions really reminded me how blessed I am to be surrounded by such amazing people. Don't let me forget it. :)

I have become a bargain shopper. I picked up these pants for ten bucks. I love the mini polka dots on them (that is really hard to see in these pics but can be seen better HERE). I grabbed my chambray top that is so versatile and worn in in all of the right places that just so happened to match the polka dots really well. Since I HATE being super matchy matchy I thought I would mix prints. I swear that leopard goes with everything. I picked up these wedges for $17 and they are super comfy. I really like how the look came together. Although I think the outfit looks better in my Instagram pic. Haha.

P.S. Are we following each other on Instagram yet? Find me (@FashionistaMMC), follow and let me know who you are so I can follow back! IG is my favorite way to connect these days!

Having a Blue Moment

What I Wore:

Jeans: Old Navy 'Rockstar' ON SALE now (check your stores because I got these for ten bucks)
Leopard Wedges: Tallulah Blue ON SALE now 


  1. Love the outfit! I follow you on IG and my IG is candicecasarez, but i am new to the whole IG thing and I really dont know what I am doing but I like it!!

    1. Followed! Thanks for the comment. You will get IG soon enough. It is a place to share bits and pieces of your day/life through pics. I LOVE it!

  2. Work those bargains girl!!! LOVE those polka dot pants!

    1. I am officially a bargain shopper... my mom is so proud! HA!

  3. I love that you had a friend actually take action and contact you for a coffee date based on what you wrote: aw! Things sound like they're going well- and getting your hair did is always fun. I look forward to my next visit basically from the moment I leave the salon, haah.

    Love the blue top! And 10 dollar pants? So cute!

    1. I know... so cool, huh?! Things are coming along. Tough month, crazy changes, heartbreak but I am only getting stronger. I know I am in a healthy place when I am still happy through it all.

      Getting used to being blonde again. It has been years. I used to be like you and change every few months.

  4. Great color blocking.
    looking very classy. :)

  5. I love he polka dot pants--and I really think the look is better when the polka dots are tiny--big polka dots on pants just starts to look a little silly.


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