What I Wore: Day to Date

It has been quite a week.
Starting with my weekend away, then the Election, a heavy work load, new hair and a fun work event I have been going non stop. I realized today after really examining my day planner that this week was the kick off to an extremely jam packed Holiday Season. This weekend I have a couple of fun things planned, but for the most part will be mellow. I have to mentally prepare for the madness that will be my life for the next six weeks.

Holiday Season always starts out with my middle sister's birthday. She is the big 2-8 today. I am so thankful that she has taught me so much the last couple of years. Yes, she is younger but her life experience has been so opposite of mine and I have learned a lot.
I hope that you have a very blessed day and an incredibly blessed year. I am so excited to celebrate with you next week!

Since I have been on the go I have had to dress for many occasions. This outfit is something that takes me from the office or meetings, a coffee meet up, running errands and then a dinner date. The pieces are all simple but look polished when paired together. You can never go wrong with dark denim and a chambray piece.

Day to Date

 What I Wore:

Jacket: Trouve, no longer available (similar , similar)


  1. Love the look - especially that blazer! Tooooo cute!

  2. i love this outfit on you! you are looking great inside and out!
    see you tomorrow pretty lady!

  3. those jeans make your legs look Killer!!!!!


  4. I can totally relate. . .I basically have no free time from October to December. It's are crazy time at work, and it really takes over my life. I agree, this is the perfect outfit for a Friday at the office then out for drinks or dinner afterwards. You look fabulous!

    xo Jenny

  5. You are gorgeous! This outfit rocks!
    I love that jacket and the shows!



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