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It has been awhile since I have shared some of the pics that I have taken while out and about that didn't make it to Instagram. I love having my photos on my phone but I was thinking the other day how sad it is that I will never have that feeling of getting my film developed and seeing the memories that were captured. I hardly ever get pics developed from my digital camera or phone. In fact I have a whole house that needs to be decorated and I have plenty of frames to fill. I was showing someone my house and realized that the only pics I have are a couple years old. So I need to get on that.

Here are some pics from the past couple months.
 L) I was so excited to find the Owl Sweater at Target. I obsessed over THIS LOOK that Kate Bosworth wore last Spring to the Burberry show and I think I can find a way to style it to my taste.
R) This is my casual chic look when the weather cools. Beanie, Henley tee, leggings and flat boots. If I am not wearing something fancier, you will find me in this!

 Top) The GORGEOUS newborn pics of my niece taken by my SO SUPER TALENTED and AMAZING friend. 
Check out her website, Sweet Child of Mine Photography
L) Holding my cutie patootie niece at a wedding at the end of September. I am wearing a Target dress and the Kendra Scott 'Harlow' necklace and 'Danielle' earrings in turquoise.
R) I got to put the babe to bed two nights in a row. First night was on Instagram and I looked TIRED, this was the second night. A lot easier. :)

 You guys... I am O-B-E-S-E-S-S-E-D with this CD. Beyond obsessed. I have listened to NOTHING else since I bought it. I relate to every song especially as I have been trying to find love again. I have DVR'd everything that she has been on. I called my sister for an intervention the other night. Yup. I am 30 going on 13. No biggie!

 I think you are all familiar with the main man in my life. My nephew!!!!
I grow to love him more and more. He really is the most handsome little boy ever! The boy gets his style from me. Haha.

 Lastly... I am ITCHING to dye my hair. I have had it natural for the last year. I am missing being blonde and I think this is a good compromise. I sent this pic to my hair stylist and I am waiting to hear back. I PROBABLY won't change it, but I sure am tempted. What do you think? Should I????????

I pray that you all have a SAFE Halloween. 
I do not partake in the holiday and will be having a catch up dinner with my old college room mate. :)


  1. You look great in all these photos - such a pretty person!
    And you know some damn cute kids!!!

  2. Mandy -- I completely understand the obsession!!! I too am a bit fascinated by the album especially the songwriting. I would never have thought someone could be so precise at documenting emotions, and find myself with several songs on repeat on the way home from work. Have a great week!

  3. that hair color would be GORGEOUS on you! go for it!!

  4. I vote yes to the hair dyeing! I am all for switching things up whenever possible!


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