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If you are a new reader I decided to write a monthly post about my fitness goals, trials and triumphs. I also throw some cute work out clothes into the post every now and then. You can read my older Fashionista Fitness posts here. I am so excited to share my journey with you.

Wearing a Zella top (similar color, similar shape)

Are you all still interested in this journey? Haha.
I completely skipped writing this post in July due to an insane schedule AND lack of motivation. I have really struggled the last couple of months of this journey. I am still working out 4-5x a week but my mind has not been in it. At all. I feel like I have lost sight of the goal. I keep looking big picture instead of the day by day. I feel like I need to train for something or find a new way to motivate myself through smaller goals. Not sure how or what to do...so any suggestions are welcomed! 

 Wearing Nike 'Critical Epic' sweatshirt and Old Navy Compression leggings

Last post I mentioned that I was about to run my first 5K. Well I did it, and I did pretty awesome. I talked about it in this post. The funny thing is that I have not been able to run like that since. I need to get to training again since I really liked the feeling of being a "runner". I have been really LOVING my Yoga/Pilates fusion class and make sure to go at least once a week. I also started seeing my trainer again every couple of weeks to get in a real kick ass work out. I have found that I don't need him to tell me how and what to do in a work out, I need his motivation, smart ass comments and support. It really helps give me the edge and push the competitor in me. If I am not at Yoga or working out at J's personal gym you will find me at my local 24 Hour Fitness. Luckily they just built a brand new Super Sport that opens this weekend and I am SO excited to work out in a new environment with all brand new equipment. It even has a pool. I think that will definitely help with my motivation!

 My routine ALWAYS includes Cardio on the Elliptical AND the treadmill along with the inner and outer thigh weight machines. Wearing Nike Free 3 running shoes.

My diet has been good...not amazing. I can definitely still make some changes and tighten up on some foods, like less carbs. I have had French fries a  couple of times which is a huge no no. I still struggle with my sugar cravings and probably give in more often than I should. I still rely on my meal supplement shakes. They really are a life saver. The past two weeks I have had them for breakfast AND dinner. A lot of you have asked what I take. I buy the Lean 1 shakes from Amazon or Drugstore.com. Each tub gives me about 12 shakes which lasts me about two weeks. My favorite flavor is Chocolate. I switch it up and have either Vanilla or Banana Cream on hand as well. The Blender Bottle is my favorite thing and I use it on my drive to work and to work outs. I just pretend it's my morning coffee ;) The shakes taste great and YES they do fill me up for about 3 hours. If you decide to try them then I want you to know the following... The shakes taste better really cold. I put water in the Blender Bottle the place it in the freezer for about a half an hour before I drink it. I use 8 ounces of water when I take the Vanilla or Banana shakes. It makes it a thicker shake which tastes better to me. It is like I am having a treat. The chocolate is richer so I use 12-14 ounces of water when I drink that flavor. 

I was lucky enough to have the team at Marika send me a Marika Tek Tee to wear during my work outs. I was really excited to try this brand because they are known for their breathable, super soft, high tech wicking fabric and finish (Dry-Wik®) for the ultimate in cool dry comfort. I sweat A TON (sorry for the TMI) and I need and buy clothing that specializes in getting the sweat away from your skin to keep you dryer. This top lived up to it's description. My only complaint is that the sizing was a little off. I had them send me an XL because I like my tops to be on the looser side. I think I have mentioned before that I hate shirts that hug my mid section. This top was like a second skin on. I threw on a jacket for my work out to help with my self consciousness. If you decide to purchase a top I would suggest sizing up one size for comfort. But overall it is a great product. In fact, they offering my readers TWENTY PERCENT off their purchase! I hope that you will check out their website and their products! Everything is made to mix and match at affordable prices!

Use PROMO Code TEK20 on the Marika Website until the end of September 2012. Here is the direct link to the shirt I am wearing.


I am now down about 35 pounds. It is still slow going but I am still pushing for my final goal of 60 pounds in one year! 25 more to go by 12/31/12.

- To get my MOJO back!
- Run consistently each week
- At least one Yoga/Pilates class a week
- Spend more time with Jonathan to get my head in the right place!

I hope that you are all working hard towards your goals. I am here for support and motivation if you need a buddy, I know I always do!!

I leave you with some exercise humor...
 I am sure I say this at least 3x a week! Ha!

This is SO my life right now! EEK!

Have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Girl, you are seriously so inspiring! Your motivation to keep working out even where your not super into is amazing. That is the hardest thing for me. There is ALWAYS something else to do or some other reason not to workout. I just have to remind myself that I will feel so much better once I just do it! I love the little cartoon about diet/lifestyle change. I'm always saying that too! LOL

  2. you are so inspiring - you've gotten my ass in gear!

  3. kudos to you for keeping it up! you look great!!
    where do you do yoga/pilates???

  4. it really is a lifestyle change. you ahve been so great, it's literally melting off you! the last pics you look skinny minny!!

  5. I know how motivation can be hard sometimes, I sign up for at least one race a month, because if I don't I won't run!

  6. yay! the secret of your shakes! i have wondered and wondered about them!

    you always look great when you workout... and gosh, aren't we all guilty of fries... they're just so good! I think you've been doing a great job and it's been so evident to me. keep it up!

  7. ok so ill admit...its been a while since ive stopped by (not that ive been elsewhere...ive been moving and dealing with immigration crap here). andddddd....YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    its so inspiring! im so proud of you for working so hard and making me want to start my monday off right tomorrow (would say start today but i just ruined it by eating five tacos). hope you're doing well love!!!! keep it up!


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