Through my iPhone lens

I have had a love affair with my iPhone for years.
Yes, I said it. 
It may sound sad, it has definitely been an issue in a relationship in the past BUT my phone keeps me connected to everything and everyone important in my life. Social Media has heightened my phone use. For the good and the bad. I love having my phone for pictures. And Instagram. Obviously.

I LOVE seeing a glimpse into people's lives. I am nosy and inquisitive. Some of my favorite posts from blogger's have been their Insta Weekend, What's in my phone rundowns. I posted some of my Weekend Wonders last week. I think you will see more of these posts when I am busier. I take a lot of pics that I don't Instagram and that I don't always share on the blog. 

So here are some pics from the last week...

 L. I am OBSESSED with this hat and wore it four times last week. Yup!
R. I also spent four days at the pool last week. My tan is proof!

 L. Fun color combo on a gloomy day last week. Mossimo cropped Skinnies and Steve Madden 'Gretta' (on sale NOW)
R. Oh these eCards! They just make me laugh and laugh.

 My time for my first 5K...I was on the first of 8 boards. :)

 After the race. I got this cool, too small shirt and a medal. SCORE!
I am wearing the Old Navy shorts that I am in love with!

 L. Spending time with my sissy. Hats are from Target.
R. She made me a high protein breakfast before the race. That meant a lot to me because we have different communication styles and this was her way of showing her support.

 Pool Time. LOTS and lots of relaxation and reading! Needed for a stress free, happy life

 Spending LOTS of time with the little man who has my heart.
SEE...wearing the hat again ;)

 My Summer work out uniform (only with longer shorts when I run. Chub rub is not cute!). And YES...I am pimping out this amazing work out top. Again. I bought THREE colors, people!

 My Stationary from Amy at The Pink of Perfection! I won a set and bought a set because I am in love! The colors are incredible and the fact that it is glitter makes me so happy. They are simple and blank on the inside. So I can pour my heart out. The styles are so 'ME". Peacock feathers and the beach. <3

I wanted to remind you to check back on old posts for my replies to your comments! I really appreciate them. If you ever want to know where I bought something in these posts and I haven't linked them just shoot me an email!

Happy HUMP day!
Only two days to the weekend!


  1. instagram is the best app ever. i'm so happy you did that 5k, that's awesome!! i love that target fedora, looks fantastic on you!

    1. Totally the best app ever, I am happy I did the 5K sooner than I was prepared to. It gave me confidence. I got the fedora in store for 4 bucks...such a steal :)

  2. Love seeing your iPhone photos. It gives an extra glimpse into your life.

    1. It does give a glimpse, which is fun. Plus it is an easy post that shares a lot. Love that :)

  3. I totally understand what you are going through. I'm obsessed with my iphone! I really LOVE that stationery also!!!

    <3 Jenny

    1. I got my iphone in 2008...its been a long love affair. Haha. And thanks! You have to check out Amy's etsy shop. Her stuff is darling. etsy.com/pinkofperfect

  4. One of the reasons I was so excited to get an iPhone was to have instagram! I love people able to share little snapshots and see other peoples as well! Loved seeing you with your medal from the race!!

    1. Thanks friend...I love seeing the little things and details too!

  5. i'm so envious of all your pool shots. i really need to spend more time at my family's house where they have a pool and catch up on my sun rays.

    1. Yes...yes you do! Since I moved into my place I have been obsessed with the pool. NO one is ever there. Plus it is so relaxing!!

  6. Great photos! I just came across your blog and love it! I am your newest follower : ) Hope you will visit mine too and follow if you like! Take care!



    1. Thank you so much! I am always flattered when people like what I wear and write! I will definitely check you out!!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you friend! My fedora was on sale for 5 bucks and the floppy hat my sis is wearing was a bday gift from my BFF. They are fun and easy to wear :)


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