Weekend Wonders

I find that a key to my happiness is staying surrounded by people that make me better. Filling my time, doing things with family and friends and getting out and being active has made all the difference. 

I love that we have apps like Instagram that make it SUPER easy to document our lives. I am having a slight love affair with taking pics. And since I looked like a complete slob yesterday, I have no outfit pictures to share. I thought that I would share some bits and pieces of my weekend.

Weekend Wonders
 This is my view when I am blogging. On this particular night I was watching the CMT Music Awards, lusting over my new Shoemint shoes and creating a collage all while sitting on my comfy bed.

Best way to get end a bad day...dinner date with my Dad at our fav restaurant.

  I posted on my FB that Luke Bryan's wife better watch out because I want to marry her man. Then I saw this eCard. It makes me laugh so hard.

 GIRLS night out! A view from the boat and a pic with one of my favs, Jacqui. She makes THE BEST organic cupcakes, cake pops and salted caramel. You need to check her out and order some yummies. She ships and delivers!

 Not only did I get to meet Heather of Glitter and Gloss (which was amazing, obvi) BUT I got to try on some of her bracelets that she will be selling soon. I loved my mini arm party. And I may have gotten a friendship bracelet from her. The gold bracelet featured in both pics is called the 'Coco' and that beauty is mine. I am IN LOVE with it. I'll let you know when her shop goes live. You will LOVE her pieces.

 Apparently Cameron Diaz and I have the same outlook on love. Miss Amanda posted this on Instagram and I quickly took a screen shot and re-posted. It spoke to me and I couldn't have said it better myself.

 I am having an 'Orange' moment and I am in love with my choices from Stylemint and Shoemint this month. The Malibu tee and the Mia T-Strap heels are a perfect combo. Look forward to an outfit post soon. It is perfect for Date Night!

 Slumming it on Saturday. Showing my love for the LBC. I moved one city over and it feels like miles. I miss my old neighborhood (which the Ex still lives in so I don't frequent that often) and the quaint boutiques, unique restaurants and being a block from the beach. I was feeling very nostalgic on Saturday and made sure to spend some time there.

Getting drinks at a new Gastropub with my girlfriend. Cute place, good crowd and yummy beer. It was a fun night!

I am super blessed to live this life that I have been given!



  1. Love seeing little peeks into your life :) It is definitely SOOOOO important to surround yourself with people you enjoy and make you better and its something I'm really focusing on lately too.

  2. I LOVE your blog! I just stumbled across it and love seeing snapshots of every day life. I think it makes blogs so much more interesting.

    xo Georgina (your newest follower)

  3. No way you lived in the LBC! I live in downtown girl- I was gonna say I loved your hat, I am a LB girl all the way born and raised- I have mad love for my city:) Love the shoes and shirt cant wait to see how you rock them! I was going to ask for some stylish advice I am going to Vegas with my hubby at the end of the month and I want to get some new clothes for my trip- problem is I dont have a clue what to get (besides the obvious wild vegas wear). Thanks for sharing:)

  4. I love seeing a little peek into your life (life Amber said). Great photos! I really love that orange stylemint top. Can't wait to see it on the blog!

  5. I completely agree when you say that what makes you better is surrounding yourself with great people! I liked this little look into your life :D
    The Fashionable ESQ

  6. I love your choices from Stylemint & Shoemint!!!! Gorgeous!

  7. i'm obsessed w instagram, it's my fave app ever.


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