What I Wore: Inspired By and Letting Go

The one thing that I have learned about blogging, and life really, is how everyone is inspired in different ways, by different people and look at things completely opposite (for the most part) than me. I am actually used to not seeing eye to eye on things with the majority of people. I will blame it on my up bringing but I will NEVER apologize for it. I bring this up because I think it gives you a little insight to me. I am drawn to edgier, out there, push the envelope "fashion" bloggers. I LOVE seeing their creative minds at work, even though I could not pull off 97% of what they wear. I am also drawn to some incredible "personal style" bloggers (my blog is a personal style blog and not a fashion blog) and learn so much from them. I used to read a lot of lifestyle blogs, mommy blogs, family blogs as well and find that I just don't get anything out of them anymore. So I have stopped reading most of them on a regular basis but do stop by from time to time. I love a challenge and am always trying to learn and grow as a person, in my style and in life. I have learned to do what is best for me.

Many times when I am getting dressed I have a certain blogger in mind. Today's outfit reminds me SO much of my dear blogger friend, Megan of The Frugalista Diaries. She is a blogger that tries new things while having a a true sense of self style. I love that she ALWAYS wears heels and her layering abilities 'wow' me. She has been rocking the shorts, heels and over sized top look a lot...and I dig it. I love this one, this one AND this one. These looks inspired me to put this look together. 

I knocked out two trends with one stone. What! What!
A little tangerine tango and floral print.
I bought these shorts last year and I am so excited that they are still in and that I get another year's wear out of them. This is my new Stylemint top, it is made out of sweatshirt material and I am seriously in love with it. Since the outfit was so bright I knew I needed a neutral shoe that complemented but didn't compete, yet still stood out. My Shoemint 'Chloe's' were the obvious choice. I am pretty much obsessed with my Kate Spade 'Gumdrop' earrings. I paired them with a more subdued coral necklace and a lilac ring. I felt sassy all day!!

This was a wordy one...thanks for making it to the pics ;)

What I Wore:

Shorts: Xhiliration (old) (F21 similar) (Top Shop similar) (Angel Eye similar)
Necklace: Kendra Scott 'Ziggy'
Bracelet: Jewelmint 'Birdcage Bangle'


  1. Now this inspires me, I love every bit of it...Now I want the Chloe's in taupe! Thanks for making my day!

  2. i love love love love love love love this outfit!! it's so fun, bright, on trend, and you look FABULOUS in it!

  3. You and Megan inspire me so much! You both stay true to your personal style but try new things. I wish I could be as adventurous as the both of you. I blame it on being an old lady since I was a child, lol.

    I really love this look. The color looks gorgeous on you!

  4. super cute outfit! I'm the same way, I love and admire the bloggers that have totally different style than I do. I also love to distinugish my blog from that of fashion blogs. Fashion and [personal] style are 2 totally different thangs;)

    xo, Joanne

  5. LOVE! The color of that top is perfection on your skin. I love the shorts, too! And of course the ShoeMint Chloe heels are amazing! I need to start wearing mine!

  6. I am with you, I could look at personal style blogs all day. even if I don't love what I'm seeing for myself- I totally appreciate the thought process.

    I still love reading a variety of blogs though, I really enjoying seeing what other people like to put out there!

    I'm so overdo for some outfit posts, I just haven't felt very inspired to take any images of them lately (mainly due to being late EVERYWHERE these days), haha. Hopefully this month I can get a couple up, I love looking at others!

    Great look on you, you look like the quintessential California girl!

  7. All I can say is WOW!! You are seriously looking AMAZING. Orange is definitely 'your color'. Love that you're showing off some leg :)

  8. That tangerine color looks GREAT on you!

  9. that color is so beautiful on you!

  10. Just found you on the link-up at www.thepleatedpoppy.com ...Cute floral shorts, LOVE the shoes & the coral blouse is stunning with your tan! pippa


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