What I Wore: Rockin' the Mullet!

Happy Monday, friends!
I hope that you had an incredible weekend with your family and friends celebrating Easter and remembering how much Jesus loves us! I spent the holiday with friends, first without the family which was kind of sad. I had a nice and relaxing day though. I feel blessed and know that I am loved.

Now onto the clothes!
This is my outfit from last Friday and I kind of love it. I am really into hi/lo hems. I think that there is something romantic about them. They sway in the breeze and show off the best part of your legs. I bought this from Stylemint last month and have been itching to wear it. It is still on the "chillier" side (high sixties/low seventies. YES that is cold to me) so I knew that I wanted to toughen the skirt up by wearing a leather jacket and my booties. Ever since I bought these booties I pictured wearing them with skirts after seeing THIS PICTURE of Kate Bosworth in Burberry. The color of the skirt makes a statement so wearing all black helped me achieve that tough look.

Rockin' the Mullet

 Bonus pic: It is kind of dark but I love how the skirt was blowing in the wind :)

What I Wore:

Jacket: Mossimo (Old) (Similar in nude)
Shoes: Mossimo 'Kaylor' (Similar)
Necklace: Kendra Scott 'Ziggy'


  1. Absolutely in love with High-low hems and this outfit looks fabulous on you!! Love that you went with black to compliment the pink (instead of another bold color) and that boots really complete the look!

  2. I love these skirts...I have a dress in this shape and it feels so flirty but still conservative.

  3. I might need to steal this skirt from you at some point. It's perfect.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. this skirt and its hemline are perfect!!

  5. i'm so glad you found a skirt you liked!! it looks perfect and i love the color and how you styled. this is going to be perfect all season long!!!

  6. wait, stylemint has skirts too???

  7. wow! working it! i love the crazy brightness of the skirt and the badass jacket to go alongside it. Perfect for a Friday!

  8. I keep seeing everyone wearing the mullet skirts but am not sure I could wear them. I love how you styled the skirt here. It looks great with the jacket and booties. Love it!

  9. Been searching everywhere for the perfect high-lo skirt - you wear a lot of StyleMint - haven't tried any of the clothing yet - maybe I should!

  10. just catching up... you look GREAT! love the jacket, i have a similar leather one!


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