The 411... For Now!

I feel like it is another Manic Monday!
I hope you all had a great weekend. I definitely had a good one. It has been SO AMAZING to reconnect with friends and actually have time to spend with them. I have put so much focus into my fitness regimen that I have needed an outlet (and to get my mind off of the goal) to just enjoy myself. Last week I decided to incorporate additional workouts into my day, three times a week. I completed two 2 a days last week with along trying out a new Yoga/Pilates fusion class. I am aware that taking on more is a tad bit crazy but I am actually LOVING it! I have about 2 minutes a day to blog and I have not taken outfit pics in over a week! I don't see that changing in the next three weeks (3 weeks??? WHERE has the time gone??) as I pound away at my goal. I appreciate all of your support and love!

Here are some pics from last couple of weeks. If you follow me on Instagram then some of these are repeats, I apologize.

 A good hair day and wearing one of my favorite colors on me, Mint!

 The LAX lights were PURPLE when I picked up my sis and nephew from the airport. Purple is my favorite color and it made me happy :)

 I have been craving a new tatoo. I am in love with the placement on this one. I may just get it when I hit my total weight loss goal.

 Last Sunday I FINALLY got to see the Zac Brown Band in concert.
The were fantastic and I had an incredible time!!

 I love this print with my 31 Bits bracelets and Kendra Scott 'Vaire' ring.\

 My new yoga mat (and color inspiration), liquid dinner and packed gym bag.

 This is what THIS OUTFIT looked like under the trench!

 Girls night seeing Jana Kramer perform at South Coast Winery.
Amazing friends, incredible performance and an awesome night.

SO that my friends is what I have been up to and what has kept me away from you all! Have a great week!


  1. Keep up the hard work!!! You are doing so well. I can't believe that it is only 3 weeks until your goal but I know you will totally make it.

    Also, congrats on working out two times a day. That is major! Loved seeing your recap. Great photos!

  2. glad you had more time to relax a bit! you have been working really, really hard and you should be really proud of yourself! What a fun thing to see a concert at a winery!! your shirt looks really cute in it.

    what's in your liquid dinner??

    and I want to see Zac Brown Band SO badly! you are so lucky!

  3. good job on your workouts! it's so hard, i can barely go once let alone at all. and girl, that was a DANG GOOD hair day! i love the softness and loose curls

  4. Love that leopard/boots/white shirt combo!!


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